Wish Builder Programme

Through this Programme, we will support young people in Hong Kong in their studies, careers and business development. By enhancing their skills, we will be able to help them capitalise their future opportunities...

Guangdong Exchange Programme

This programme offer grants to non-governmental organisation to arrange Guangdong exchange activities, which allows young people to gain hands-on experience in the development of innovative...

Hong Kong Youth Animator Development Project organised by Act Plus Education Foundation

Our Foundation is sponsoring the Act Plus Education Foundation to provide a one-year animation training programme for youths between the ages of 15 and 24 from low-income families in Hong Kong...

Dream Brewer – Pacific Coffee x HKCT @ GBA entrepreneurship training programme

Sponsored by our Foundation, the programme aims to provide start-up assistance to youths with a passion for coffee...

'For Our Future' Scholarship 2020/21

Sponsored by the Greater Bay Homeland Youth Community Foundation, the ‘For Our Future’ Scholarship programme provides assistance to local university students who demonstrate excellent performance in their academic studies, diverse development or community service. Through this programme, we are able to express our appreciation for their efforts and aspirations.


In line with the trend of innovation and technology development in the Greater Bay Area, this project aims to provide free AI courses for local F.1-F.3 students to equip them with skills in logical thinking and robot design, so that they can understand how to cooperate and compete with artificial intelligence, as well as to enhance their AIQ (Artificial Intelligence Quotient).

On Air KOL 2021

Hosted by the Foundation and co-organized by Hong Kong 01, "On Air KOL 2021" aims to cultivate a new generation of young opinion leaders (KOL) from all walks of life and promote the future development of local young people.

Travel Vlogger New Media Training Project

Interested in filming vlogs? Or do you want to be a YouTuber but don’t have the skills? "Travel Vlogger New Media Training Project” will be a great opportunity for you! Participants will learn about filming and production as well as speech delivery techniques, what’s more is that there will be chances for them to experience vlogging outside Hong Kong! The Project sponsored by our foundation and organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth is open for application now! What are you waiting for?

Greater Bay Area Creative Design Talent Incubation Programme

Sponsored by our Foundation this programme covers areas such as design thinking and industrial product development, low-carbon design and sustainable development......

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