Wish Builder Programme

Through this Programme, we will support young people in Hong Kong in their studies, careers and business development. By enhancing their skills, we will be able to help them capitalise their future opportunities...

Due to the epidemic, phase III application period will be postponed from 1-15 October to 1-15 November 2020, thank you for your attention.
Guangdong Exchange Tour

This programme offer grants to non-governmental organisation to arrange Guangdong exchange activities, which allows young people to gain hands-on experience in the development of innovative...

Phase II Application Period: 15 Jun 2020 – 15 Jul 2020
Hong Kong Youth Animator Development Project organised by Act Plus Education Foundation

Our Foundation is sponsoring the Act Plus Education Foundation to provide a one-year animation training programme for youths between the ages of 15 and 24 from low-income families in Hong Kong...

Dream Brewer – Pacific Coffee x HKCT @ GBA entrepreneurship training programme is now open for application

Sponsored by our Foundation, the programme aims to provide start-up assistance to youths with a passion for coffee...

Now open for application!
KOL Training Project

Sponsored by the Foundation, the project provides a one-month professional training course on short-video production and live broadcast technique.

“Anti-Epidemic Support Fund 2.0”

In April, The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation introduced “Anti -Epidemic Support Fund” to support NGOs and Charitable organisations that service the Hong Kong youths, as a relief measure to support small-scale youth organisations to maintain its continuous services to the young people during the pandemic.

'For Our Future' Scholarship 2020/21

Sponsored by the Greater Bay Homeland Youth Community Foundation, the ‘For Our Future’ Scholarship programme provides assistance to local university students who demonstrate excellent performance in their academic studies, diverse development or community service. Through this programme, we are able to express our appreciation for their efforts and aspirations.

The application period is now open until 6 November 2020.
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