“Anti-Epidemic Support Fund 2.0”


In April, The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation introduced “Anti -Epidemic Support Fund” to support NGOs and Charitable organisations that service the Hong Kong youths. In view of the epidemic, many organisations are facing financial difficulties, The Foundation initiates “Anti-Epidemic Support Fund 2.0”  as a relief measure to support small-scale youth organisations to maintain its continuous services to the young people.

Application Period: From 7 September 2020 to 21 September 2020

Application Criteria:

•   Non-profit-making or charitable organisations registered under the law of Hong Kong

•   The service targets of the organisations are mainly local youths

•   Organisations that are not regularly funded by enterprises, the HKSAR government, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Hong Kong Community Chest and the Hong Kong Jockey Club

•  With no more than 10 full-time/ project staff in the past three months

Funding Amount: A total amount of HK$3 million to support 30 youth organisations. Each approved organisation will receive a HK$100,000 grant.


Application Procedure & Required Supporting Documents

Eligible applicants should submit their applications through the link below on or before 21 September 2020

1.    Application link: https://forms.gle/A4C7CPNCb4QoYGcZA

      ※ No changes would be accepted upon submission of the applications

2.    Applicants should provide the following supporting documents:

      •   Proofs of a charitable and non-profit making organisation, names and contact information of person in charge and the operation team

      •   Work report of 2019 and work plan of 2020

      •   Descriptions on the difficulties faced by the applicants and purposes on the use of the fund (to maintain continuous services or to shift or upgrade services)

      •   Copy of MPF record of the employer

      •  Bank Information of the organisations for disbursement of fund (Name of the bank, account name and number)


      •  Documents collected in this application will be used for the approval process of application only. Please use the name of the applicants_filename as the name for the submitted documents (e.g. Name of Organisation_2019 Work Report)

      •   *The work report should include event photos, videos and promotional materials

 3.    Disbursement Notice of the Anti-Epidemic Support Fund would be sent to successful applicants in two to three weeks after the submission deadline, disbursement of the fund could generally be made within one week after the applicants accepted Grant Acceptance Letter. The approved organisations have to acknowledge the receipt of the grant to the Foundation.