'For Our Future' Scholarship 2020/21

‘For Our Future’ Scholarship 2020/21

Information Note

1. The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation is offering the ‘For Our Future’Scholarship to local students in recognition of their academic studies and contributions to society through financial support that enables them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

2. Successful candidates will be those students who have demonstrated excellent performance in theiracademic studies, personal development (sports, arts and music, etc.) and social services. They arealso expected to have a strong commitment to Hong Kong and a desire to continue serving societyafter graduation.

3. Anyone who is a full-time postgraduate or undergraduate student in one of the 13 educationalinstitutions* in Hong Kong in the 2020/21 academic year and who meets the criteria set out inthis Information Note may apply.

4. Further details of the Scholarship are given below:

Name: ‘For Our Future’ Scholarship

Eligibility: An applicant for the Scholarship must be

                 (i)a local student

                 (ii)aged between 18 and 40

                 (iii)studying for a full-time bachelor's (year 2 and above) or master'sdegree at a Hong Kong university/college

Accreditation Criteria:

(i) Academic performance (in the last academic year) with a GPA ≥ 3.3 out of or 3.5 out of 4.3, and distinctive performance in academic projects

(ii) Personal development (sports, art, music, etc.)(details of qualifications/awards of events or competitions should beprovided)

(iii) Participation in social services(length of services, nature of services, location coverage, number and stratumof beneficiaries, public recognition, initiation of community project, etc.should be provided)

(iv) Other considerations(experience in leadership/other training programmes, significant internshipprogrammes, recommendations from external stakeholders and content ofpersonal statement, etc.)

Quota & Amount of Scholarship: HK$50,000 per student, will be awarded to a total of 10 students from 13 Hong Kong educational institutions*.

Conditions of Scholarship: A successful candidate must comply with or agree to comply with all the requirements of the scholarship application should he/she decide to accept an award made under this scheme.

Application: Application forms can be obtained from the Student Affairs Office of respective institutions. Completed applications should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office of the institution. Hard copies of application form and supporting documents of nominated students are required to be sent to the Foundation via post or courier through the Student Affairs Office of respective institution.

Deadline for applications is 5:00pm, 6 November 2020. Late applications will not be considered.

Selection Procedure:

(i)Each university/college will recommend 1 to 2 students (maximum of 26 candidates), withnomination notes provided by the Student Affairs Office;

(ii)A preliminary selection will be conducted by the Foundation office, and 15 candidates will be shortlisted for final selection;

(iii)Final selection of 10 students will be conducted by the Scholarship Selection Committee,comprising 5 panel judges who are distinguished members of the community.

List of judges: (in alphabetical order)

Dr Ng Win-kong Daryl

Mr Tsang Chun-wah John

Prof. Tsui Lap-chee

Mr Yuen Man-chung Tommy

Dr Zeman, Allan

Handling of Information & Personal Data supplied in application:

The personal data collected in this exercise will be used for activities related to the application process under this Scholarship and the compilation of relevant statistics to facilitate reviews of the award.

The Foundation may also publicise the personal data of a successful candidate (such as his/her name, gender, age, education background, public examination results, academic and non-academic achievements, extra-curricular activities/community services and employment history) and any photos or videos capturing his/her image (limited to those taken when he/she attends official events organised by the Foundation in the public domain, such as the website of and publications issued by the Foundation for the purpose of promotion or publicity).

The personal data provided in the application forms for this Scholarship will ONLY be disclosed to relevant parties

(a) for the purposes mentioned in the preceding paragraphs; and

(b) for any other purposes with the consent of the data subjects, unless such disclosure is permitted underthe Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance without the consent of the data subjects.


*The 13 educational institutions in Hong Kong (arranged in alphabetical order):

Chu Hai College of Higher Education

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Lingnan University

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Education University of Hong Kong

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Open University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong


‘For Our Future’ Scholarship 2020/21

Notes on Completion of Application Form

(a) All information provided by you in this form must be typewritten or written in English using aball-pen in black/blue ink; you may also complete an editable PDF proforma downloaded fromthe Foundation’s website.

(b) Please write ‘Not Applicable (N.A.)’ or ‘Nil’ for item(s) deemed inappropriate.

(c) Please append additional sheets to the application form, if necessary.

(d) Documents and materials submitted with this application will not be returned.

(e) The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation may not be able to process theapplication if the information provided is unclear, incorrect, incomplete or without the          necessarysupporting document(s).

(f) Papers and documents submitted with the Application Form should be in A4 size.

(g) English translations must be provided if the papers and documents submitted are not in English.Submission of any papers/documents in a foreign language may not be considered.

(h) Completed Application Forms must be returned to the Student Affairs Office of the institutiontogether with the necessary supporting documents (including but not limited to                      Annexes A and B). Candidates should read and complete the “Checklist on Completion of Application Form” (Annex B) before submitting the Application Forms.

(i) Deadline for applications is 5:00pm, 6 November 2020. Late applications will not beconsidered